Friday, July 23, 2010

Farewell from Durham Cookout

I'm so backlogged on my posts -- I still have no wifi in my house yet.  You know how they say, "everything is bigger in Texas"?  Well everything is slower in Louisiana.  The driving, the streetcars, the service anywhere.  And setting up my cable/internet.  And don't try to rush them.. because then they get aggravated.  What I've learned so far, take a deep breath, grab a beer, and chill the eff out.  Patience is a virtue, or something.

But this was my farewell cookout in Durham at JP's house -- all of our mutual friends (well, his grad school friends that I came to love) were there.. and Coops!  Cookouts became quite a regular thing over there.. and I'm really going to miss them, and all the wonderful Durham people I've met!  Here are some highlights from the cookout.


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