Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick and Dirty.

I know it's been wayyy too long since I've posted.  Life's been a hectic whirlwind.  One exam after another.  Early morning lab, after another, after many all-nighters.. after distractions after distraction.. barely time to breathe.

So. Here's the quick and dirty.  and some pics of the post-block parties that help us keep our sanity.

My days in numbers:
Typical time I wake up in the morning? 6.
Daily cups of coffee:  8.
Hours of the day I spend at home, not counting sleep?  2.
Meals I eat out? All of them.
Friday night cocktails I have after class?  4.
Classes we're taking?  3. 1 of which is BS touchy feely.
IBD one of my favs, and I pre-80s night block party.  Just finished our Biochem + Anatomy 2nd block!
HelloitsP -- clearly a soulmate of mine.  As Tom Cruise Risky Business.

Times I've been to the gym?  0
Runs with Coops since school started?  6.
Dates I've been on?  1 -- with Lui!

Lui (our VP) and I!  Love of my life.  We both are lost when it comes to boys... but that's ok.

Concerts I've been to? 3:  Shwayze, Juvie, and Magnetic Zeros -- Built to Spill tomorrow night!
New friends I've made?  Countless.  and our class seems to only be getting bigger.
Coffee shops I've become a local at?  3.
Emails that I desperately want/need to respond to from my fav hometown friends?  At least 4. (love y'all).
Times I've been hit by a car on my bike?  1.
Times I've hit something with my car here?  2.
Unopened mail by my entrance?  At least 40.
Times I've cooked a real meal that doesn't include eggs and/or cereal (or chef boyardee. or lean pockets)?  2.
Boxes of lean pockets I've consumed?  Easily 12. in the past 2 months.

And that's me as Jem.  Google it if you don't know this (classic?) 80s cartoon.

Last but not least.  Go Saints!  I'm a bandwagon fan -- but you reallyyy can't help it down here.  It's contagious.  Who Dat?!!

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