Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DWW 4.28.10

Well kids, it's Wednesday!  I've surprisingly been fairly productive at work (if you don't count yesterday) and we're gearing up for the conference next week.  I leave on Saturday (6am - die.) and stay until Tuesday -- presenting some neat shit on a gene that is super important for mice eyes (and we already shown was critical in humans).  High fives for making a mouse model for disease, heyohh.  Ok, enough of the nerd stuff.. onto the daily wear!

Sorry the lighting sucks -- def was in a rush this morning.
Dress: JCrew
Belt: Vintage
Cardigan:  Kristen Davis -- Belks

..and I'm wearing a slip y'all! #helloadultlife
Dress:  Vintage
Belt:  gift from Moms
Necklace:  Target
Watch:  Vintage
Shoes:  gift from Moms

Rainy day wear.
Shirt:  TJMaxx
Cardigan:  NY&Co
Jeans:  Sevens

Going out gear -- KO Kid live in concert
Dress:  Nordstroms, maybe?
Cardigan:  KDavis
..and I wish I knew where I got that necklace from so I could tell S$.. maybe Target, or TJMaxx?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beautiful Backyards.

[A Cup of Jo]


 [Apartment Therapy]

One day, something like these will be mine.  It's one of the most adult things I love about a house.. gorgeous greenery and a beautiful backyard.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wish You Were Here

So before I update y'all on the weekend and life in general -- I wanted to give a shoutout to S$ and CHB who couldn't be at TBMF this weekend.  It just wasn't the same without them, and although we (RSJ and I) poured one out for the homies.. we also did one better.  it's like y'all WERE there with us!

I know y'all are impressed with my adobe photoshop skills.  I'm available for freelance jobs anytime between the hours of 9 and 5, monday-friday (not to be confused with my current lab tech job during the same hours).

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tumblr Favs.

So before I ever started this blog (and wayy after my xanga/livejournal days), I began my tumblr.  If you're not familiar, it's a way of blogging that is more stream-of-consciousness than the way a lot of blogging is.  It's super simple, and it's a great way to compile all of my random thoughts, images I liked, inspiration, daily anecdotes, etc.. and a lot of my friends were on it too (although RSJ never quite jumped on board.. err.)

Well I've recently been looking through a lot of my older posts from way back using the "shuffle" feature on my tumblr and here are some of my fav picture posts that I love (credit listed on my tumblr):

 Also -- tumblrs to check out (besides mine -- shameless I know) are my friends, grace in place, misdotcom, darling dexter, and ashtonmae.  Also -- you should prob just join tumblr and get on the years old bandwagon.  simple. as. pie.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Personal Theme Song by Mama Cass

It is essential that everyone have their own theme song -- and I have many.  When I'm on my grind, Everyday I'm Hustlin' by Rick Ross is steady bumping.

However, today this song shuffled in, and I forgot how much I love it and always used to play it.  And Mama Cass's sound is absolutely soothing.. I love her version.

Wild Women -- Mama Cass

Well, I hear you women talkin' 'bout your monkey men,
About yo' no 'count husbands and their triflin' friends.
Peaceful women sit around all day and moan.
They're wonderin' why their wanderin' papas don't come home.
But wild women don't worry, wild women never get the blues.
Well, if you got a man, don't be on the square,
'Cause if you do, he'll have a woman everywhere.
I never have been known to treat no one man right.
I keeps 'em workin' hard both the day and night.
'Cause wild women don't worry, wild women never get the blues.

Well, I got a disposition, got a way of my own,
If you don't like it, baby, you can find another home.
I get full of good liquor, walk the streets at night,
Come home and puts my man out if he don't do right.
'Cause wild women don't worry, wild women never get the blues.

Well I got a disposition, got a way of my own
If you don't like it, baby, you can find another home.
I get full of Courvoisier walk the streets at night,
Come home and puts my man out if he don't get it up right.
'Cause wild women don't worry, wild women never get the blues.

Well, you never get nothin' by bein' an angel child
You better change your ways, and then you'll get real wild.
I'm gonna tell you somethin' wouldn't tell you no lie.
Wild women are the only kind that really get by.
'Cause wild women don't worry, wild women never get the blues.

Do y'all have a personal theme song?

Triangle Beach Music Festival: The Ultimate SFP

TBMF has been somewhat of a tradition for my girls and I -- and sadly, S$ will not be coming with RSJ and I this year (boo).  Every year by the end of the day, I'm so exhausted, drunk, sweaty that I swear I will never go again.. then I come back the next year.  Never fails.  Sorry. For. Partying.

The first year, I went with one of my girls CA, who is the quintessential wild child and always a lot of fun. TBMF 07:

Then, 2008 happened.  Much more shenanigans.
 One thing you've gotta remember when day drinking -- you. must. eat. Or you'll die.  I'm sure these were stolen coerced from someone.  Also, why every overweight guy decides to prance around without a shirt is beyond me.  But we're all drinking and having a good time, so I let it slide.. maybe.

But brace yourself for the Port-O-Johns...  Die.
And then before you know it, you're exhausted, drunk, and passed out in a bag of potato chips.  Where are your friends?  Taking photos of you.

TBMF 09, you ask?  Awesome.

Well we've learned some lessons from the year before.  Pace yourself, drink water, and find shade.  Check?  Check.  (Sorry, S$ to play you like this.. but this photo is awesome hahahahah)

 This year should be equally as fun/ridic/something -- and I've got a prep bag prepared precisely for it including all the essentials:  beer, coozie(s), water, food, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  I can't wait to go with RSJ and L$ and have another SFP Saturday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SFP: Ruined Dresses.

With being in a sorority comes many (many) opportunities for wearing a cocktail or sundress.  That being said, I'm also known to be quite a mess when it comes to eating and drinking (in general).. so one would think the dry cleaners and I would be best friends.. however.. I'm also lazy when it comes to errands and chores that I really just don't want to do.

I have learned my lesson with this.. and some others along the way.  I don't have any "after" pics.. but believe me, they're ruined.

Love this dress.  But don't load the dishwasher wearing anything you like.  Or rather.. be careful with the liquid detergent.  If it gets on your hands.. the last place you should wipe it is your beloved dress.  Where were the warnings that it would bleach your garments on the bottle?!  Bollocks.

You could see this coming.  21st birthday.  Sorry for partying.  I didn't take it to the dry cleaners until 6 months later.. and they did everything but laugh in my face when I asked them to take out the multiple cocktail stains.  Oh boy.

 Some semi-formal/formal.  Adored this dress.  Same fate as my 21st bday dress.  I should've stuck to clear liquids.  Some people never learn..

 Triangle Beach Music Festival happened.  I think that sums it up.  Now.. this one is salvagable because it's just a matter of reattaching the straps.. however.. I will revisit my laziness when it comes to the mundane.

 TBMF again. 1 year later.  The only mishap is that I washed it on warm water.  The red and blue bled all over the freaking dress.  Die.

I'm terrible at laundry, that's no news to me.  But I will also be the poorest I've ever been once school starts in August.. so I better learn these little tasks better or else I'll be stuck with a handful of clothes.. and no friends haha.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tips from Coachella: Daytime Festival Attire

Wish I was there -- but I did catch some of the amazing performances online.  I'm definitely attending some quality local daytime concerts/festivals.. so I'm going to take the inspiration from a few styles seen at Coachella.
Kate B's style is always on point.

 Note to self:  buy a hat this year.  Love this whole look.

 Love these sandals.  

Pics via Refinery29.

Comfort Foods: Grilled Pimiento Cheese

How delicious does that look?  I know you're mouth is watering right now -- it was epically incredible and the perfect hangover cafe sandwich.

The trick?  Perfect pimiento cheese.  Now, since I'm from the south and we tend to put mayonnaise on everything (or ranch.. which is basically the same thing but with spices.. err), I was always used to and still love Stan's pimiento cheese.  However, as far as spreads go -- it's not friendly to my waist line if I ate it as much as I'd like to.

Then Moms started making her own pimiento cheese.  Y'all.  It's perfect.  It's not my recipe to divulge but the trick is to use aged sharp cheddar.  And like every good Southern recipe -- Duke's mayonnaise.  

This pimiento cheese goes so well on everything -- crackers, bread, steak.. you name it.  Divine.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Market Bag.

I love market bags -- and this one has my name all over it from Sac a Baguette.  And the perfect part for a baguette, newspaper, etc.

I think I'm in love.  Le sigh.

KO Kid in Chapel Hill!

Last night, KO Kid killed it at Cat's Cradle!  The crowd was bumpin and he had such stage swag -- you could just tell he was loving it.  For all y'all that DON'T know KO yet, he's a fresh young talent out of Chapel Hill, S$'s younger brother and I'm reppin him too (b/c duh, regardless of blood, y'all are my family).

Y'all don't even know -- I love this kid and am so proud of him!  I'm rooting for him all the way -- esp since not only does he have mad game in his lyrics and flow, but he's also a pre-med science nerd at heart and I know he'll go far with music and medicine.  Gah, so proud!!

Y'all check out some of his show:

KO Kid! from Sarah M on Vimeo.

And by far, one of my favorite things about the show was how excited Frank and Cynthia were with Kob!  Can I please BE them?!  Love the eff out of them and all the H fam.  I wish S$ was there to see it, but I think from the hundred or so (haha) bbm pics I sent her, these vids, and listening with Frank and Cynthia on the phone.. it's like she was there with us.  Such a proud sister!!
KO Kid is def a name to know because this kid is going places.  Can't wait to see him at the next show!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DWW 4.14.10

Dress:  Calvin Klein (TJ Maxx)
Shoes:  TJ Maxx

 terrible pic I know.
Dress: Calvin Klein from TJMaxx
same shoes.

Shirt:  TJMaxx
Navy Pencil Skirt:  Express

Shirt/Skirt:  H&M
Shoes:  TJMaxx
Necklace:  Vintage

Dress (Shirt?) -- H&M
Tights -- Target
Shoes -- UO

Shirt:  JCrew
Tank:  NY&Co
Skirt:  not sure.. sale somewhere?
Shoes:  UO


I just stumbled upon this jewelry designer Brevity. out of NY, NY.  I really adore their pieces.. especially these that are inspired from timepieces.

Lemme brag for a second.

My dog Cooper is so freaking handsome.  Seriously, ya'll.  I can barely stand it.  He's such a snugglebug (yeah, I can be a corndick sometimes, but LOOK at him!), and has the cutest mannerisms.  

I hated those dog owners that would gush on and on about their dog.. then I got one.. and then I became that girl that was all like "omg. have you SEEN my dog?!  Look at this one.  And here he is sleeping. And here he is laying on the floor."

I'm absolutely aware of this obnoxiousness, but bear with me.  I've had him for less than a year.  I'ma get it out of my system for now, and won't do all that "look at THIS" shit until I start having kids (way. way. down the line. I'm ok with dealing with other people's sticky-handed whiny brats in the hospital for a few years before I can handle my own) because believe me -- I will be THAT mom.  Let's face it, my kid(s) will be freaking adorable and all ya'll will want to hold them/look at it (and also babysit it on a whim, right?).

And hello, tangent.  Now I'm back on track.  My dog is amazing.  Shitty with other dogs (for now, unless there's a bigger alpha male in the group to put him in his place), but getting so much better with people (strangers and those he's met before).

Did I mention he was handsome?  Let's take a gander.
He's also really weird.  Which I love.  Kindred spirits and all.  He has this habit of howling at sirens that go by (somewhat common over here in Bull City), but the way he looks at you when he does it it's as if it were something he can't control -- like sorry eyes, then he tilts his head back and goes for it.  A-dorable.

And he sit like this for hours:

He's got a tough life.
Gahh, I love him.  And now that's outta my system.. at least for the next few months.

Spring Clutch.

How much do you adore these clutches from Mar Y Sol?  Perfect for day dresses.. and day drinking.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Killin' it.

I love these pictures taken for Doc Martens featuring the lead singer/bassist of the Noisettes Shingai Shoniwa.  Absolutely gorgeous, even in yellow.

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