Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick and Dirty.

I know it's been wayyy too long since I've posted.  Life's been a hectic whirlwind.  One exam after another.  Early morning lab, after another, after many all-nighters.. after distractions after distraction.. barely time to breathe.

So. Here's the quick and dirty.  and some pics of the post-block parties that help us keep our sanity.

My days in numbers:
Typical time I wake up in the morning? 6.
Daily cups of coffee:  8.
Hours of the day I spend at home, not counting sleep?  2.
Meals I eat out? All of them.
Friday night cocktails I have after class?  4.
Classes we're taking?  3. 1 of which is BS touchy feely.
IBD one of my favs, and I pre-80s night block party.  Just finished our Biochem + Anatomy 2nd block!
HelloitsP -- clearly a soulmate of mine.  As Tom Cruise Risky Business.

Times I've been to the gym?  0
Runs with Coops since school started?  6.
Dates I've been on?  1 -- with Lui!

Lui (our VP) and I!  Love of my life.  We both are lost when it comes to boys... but that's ok.

Concerts I've been to? 3:  Shwayze, Juvie, and Magnetic Zeros -- Built to Spill tomorrow night!
New friends I've made?  Countless.  and our class seems to only be getting bigger.
Coffee shops I've become a local at?  3.
Emails that I desperately want/need to respond to from my fav hometown friends?  At least 4. (love y'all).
Times I've been hit by a car on my bike?  1.
Times I've hit something with my car here?  2.
Unopened mail by my entrance?  At least 40.
Times I've cooked a real meal that doesn't include eggs and/or cereal (or chef boyardee. or lean pockets)?  2.
Boxes of lean pockets I've consumed?  Easily 12. in the past 2 months.

And that's me as Jem.  Google it if you don't know this (classic?) 80s cartoon.

Last but not least.  Go Saints!  I'm a bandwagon fan -- but you reallyyy can't help it down here.  It's contagious.  Who Dat?!!


Kristin W said...

So good to see a post :) Understandable busy med school schedule! At least you're having fun too!

SSC said...

YAY! She's back! We've missed you! PS I LOVE JEM! I had a Jem barbie doll whose earrings REALLY lit up! We miss you but are glad you're having fun!

m.oc said...

It all looks absolutely amazing. So glad to see you're living it up and loving life down in NoLa!

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