Thursday, December 2, 2010

Music is my boyfriend.

If you've been around me at all over the past year or so.. you'll know that more times than not I can be seen studying/wandering/etc sporting my latest giant headphones.  Since studying is now something I do more than sleeping and well.. anything else.. and I'd rather be in my music than chatting away to everyone about nonsense (which sometimes with med students in general has to do with classes.. and their general gunner demeanor.  hello anxiety.  I'll pass.).. I've opted for a switch between my previous ear buds of college to some higher quality headphones.

I started with these:

After about a year.. those were retired (against my will) for a pair of Sony black ones (New Orleans is somewhat lacking on their electronics stores.. and Walmart had slim pickings..).

And when I'm ready for a new pair.. I'm checking these out.  Dopeness.


Roc Nation Aviators.  Skull Candy. 


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