Tuesday, June 16, 2009

S$'s Surprise Birthday Party Menu OR good-thing-the-guests-were-drinking menu.

To my defense, this was my first LARGE dinner party in my small little kitchen. I had about 20 or so guests, and was a little too ambitious with my menu:
-cheese platter, with nuts, spicy chutney, crackers, grapes.. the works
-garlic pasta salad
-green beans
-corn/black bean salsa
-salmon (provided by the guest of honor's wonderful mother Cynthia)
-zucchini/squash casserole (also by Cynthia)
-bread -- which right now I realized I left in the oven (with the oven off.. but warm from the steak to warm it..) 4 days later. great.
-caesar salad..

Overwhelming is a slight understatement -- but it ended up being worth it! She was completely surprised and a ton of her favorite people were there to celebrate with her! Even our best friend Rach, all the way from Asheville. How lucky were we?!

The picture is of the steak that I WISHED I would have made.. however, what did come out was an overcooked tough piece of meat. Things that I need to do next time:
-put the batteries BEFORE cooking in the meat thermometer
-cook at a LOW temp, for a long time. 350 for an hour, with 6 pounds of flank steak was a little too much
-don't forget the chimichurri sauce -- Now I have a fridge full of mint leaves.

When life gives you mint, make mint juleps?

Recipe for the steak here . yum.

One thing that was a huge hit:
Lemonade Pomegranate Punch
-1 gallon of chik-fil-a lemonade (the best)
-1 bottle of pomegranate liquor
-1 bottle of raspberry vodka

Pour over ice in cups -- party. hit.


Sesh said...

Everything on the menu was absolutely perfect! you're right, I was totally surprised and I ate the steak, sauce or no sauce. You better lay low or you'll be auntie sarah catering all my kids things-- I don't think I'll ever be as domestic as you are

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