Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Experiment 1: Welcome to Durham Punch

..otherwise known as "pink panty droppers".

Purpose: To make a delicious cocktail for our ladies night in -- that is up to par with the quality women attending.

8 frozen cans of pink lemonade
3 bottles of Everclear (a 5th each)
1 case of beer
4 cans of ginger ale
3 oranges
3 lemons
3 limes

Now before you cringe at the ingredients, let's be clear -- this punch was delicious. and slightly dangerous. It tastes like a pink lemonade spritzer, and everyone at the party was raving about it. The night before the party, cut the fruit up into slices, and pour one bottle of everclear over it to soak in the fridge. A few hours before the party, begin by putting the lemonade, beer, and everclear into a large punch bowl (or in our case, a cute bev cooler we found at Target). Add a few ginger ales, and taste.. then keep adding it until taste, but 4 is about right. Drink, be merry.

Results? When combined with the jello shots (also made of Everclear), it was clear that many of the girls would be sleeping over/calling cabs.. and this definitely held through to the night. It was a top notch drink for a fabulous group of ladies.. and a sure fire repeat.

Conclusion: Will be made at the next party, for sure, perhaps substituting for vodka if everyone isn't ready for blackout mode.


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