Sunday, October 4, 2009

Favorite Foodie

Mark Bittman -- the NY Times foodie, and writer for Bitten -- has a writing style and taste for food I can dig. Here's some of my favorites:

The Versatility of Corn

Variations on Crabcakes

A Potato Salad of a Different Color
Other foodie blogs that I've found that I love:

Culinate -- recent post about the perfect tailgating wine (!)

Young and Hungry -- based out of DC, where they do have some good local places to eat (irrelevent to me.. for now), but also good commentary and recipes un-DC-related


Lisa said...

Check out Emily... she and I were in undergrad together and she has some really fun food adventures in NYC now!

Sarah M said...

Thanks girl! I've already added her to my Google Reader!

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