Monday, October 12, 2009

Reunion Weekend and some Realizations..

The girls and I haven't been reunited in MONTHS -- and since we're getting older, we're gonna have to get used to it I suppose.. which makes our reunions that much more special and fun (I'm not gonna get all sappy on you -- it's midday). RSJ and I came to see S$ while she was going to a fam wedding. Top weekend for sure.

And I would've posted the pic of us three, but in efforts to not play RSJ on blogger, I'm leaving that one out.

But also, while I haven't dressed up in a while in clothes that are in my "less forgiving" pile -- I realized.. and after repeating that I could not breathe in my dress for the 10th time in the night, it was obvious to me and the girls.. I've gained weight. Not much, but enough to where my jeans are tighter, and I can't fit into some of my conforming dresses without having obscene decolletage. All the times of eating on the go, and grabbing snacks when I'm too busy to cook has caught up with me. I'm not in my peak, even though this is supposed to be my prime. It's all downhill from here, ladies.. and I refuse to let that happen right now. I'm also too poor to buy a whole new wardrobe for my thicker physique.

Up soon -- healthier recipes (goodbye Cheesy Chicken Bake and Cobblers) and better snacking habits. My dog is out of shape as well (he exhausts himself during his grooming routine), so we'll work at it together. This morning's run was pathetic, but we'll get better.


Sesh said...

hahaha aww Sarah! we did have a wonderful weekend. You look absolutely beautiful with all of your curves, but I am certainly interested in your new healthy cuisine. Post some lunch menus, I never no what I'm supposed to pack or eat!

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