Monday, August 2, 2010

Duke Goodbyes.

So as I am starting my new life down in New Orleans, I keep missing my friends from home.  My work friends were so amazing and wonderful -- and they sent me off in absolute perfection.  I love (love) a scavenger hunt, and SSC knew that and had me all over the eye center searching for local goodies to take with me to Louisiana.  The best part of the scavenger hunt?  The clues -- "There's a mouse in this house!" for something in the animal surgery room.  TP decorated my desk in amazing fashion that brought tears to my eyes.  I really do miss those amazing people all the time (and I can't wait for them to visit!).  Love them!


Anonymous said...

Aww... it's always hard, starting anew, but I'm sure you'll meet loads of nice people in New Orleans and in the meantime, there's email and skype to keep in touch with your other friends / colleagues! (thank you, technology!)

Kristin W said...

Your dress is adorable :)

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