Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week One Down.

We have officially been in medical school for one whole week.  And although I'm not completely overwhelmed.. it's getting a little stressful already.  I'm determined not to procrastinate, and thankfully neither are any of my friends -- who have kept me on track.

And then I saw one of my classmates write this on facebook as her status.  I don't really know her, but what I do know.. is she's in for a heap of trouble.


After seeing this post by S$, I figs, no need to preserve her anonymity either.. b/c let's face it.  You played yourself on facebook.

Already in anatomy lab, we've become quite intimate with our cadaver -- skinned, gotten all the way down to the deep back muscles, touched the spinal cord, and bone sawed our way through the vertebrae.  It. is. awesome. 

And judging from how all my friends study -- Jax getting on her grind early, LC and LP getting stellar study guides done, and CT having stacks of flashcards bigger than my head.. this girl is in trouble.  But one less person to compete with in the long run.


Akili said...

Ahhh. This post takes me back to my 1L year when idiots didn't have outlines the weekend before thanksgiving. (no bueno). Good for you for grinding EARLY. I'm so happy for you and your upcoming med school adventures! :-)

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