Friday, November 26, 2010

Love love.

I love love.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. and that's ok with me.  Maybe it get's a little emotional, but I guess I'd rather feel something at some point, than nothing ever.  Or something.

It does, however, appear to be something among the guys in my class (at least those that I have been mini-crushing on.. which, btw. poor idea) that they've never been in relationships, and don't want one.  To me, not ever being in a relationship and you're post-grad is a red flag for me.  A huge one.  I get that people are commitment-phobic, or whatever.. but never having a relationship?  Very curious.  And sad.

Well. I've been in love. twice.  and yeah, there are times where it's massively hard, but when it's good, it's amazing.  You can't describe how just. great. it is.  And of course, I've had some massively terrible dates, and guys I've dated, but my last relationship with JP keeps me optimistic I guess.  Even though generally guys can be (and usually are, sorry y'all) extremely selfish and overall dummies, they aren't all jerks.  Maybe if I didn't have such a nice and good guy as my last bf, I wouldn't keep wearing my heart on my sleeve in hopes for that again... but who even knows.

And really, idk what I'm doing as a single girl.  I'm quite terrible at it, but I'm learning to enjoy myself more and more throughout this process.  After this break, I'm getting back into my hobbies that I want to make time for (which is hindered by being slightly boy-crazy as of late).  So back to running with Coops more, pilates, painting, music, fostering my new friendships in NOLA etc.  Also, keeping my guy friends just as guy friends.  That should be somewhere on the list.. a challenge for me for sure haha.

I also just adore these pictures.. and one day. I'll have it again.  [Image credits are on my tumblr where they were originally reblogged.]


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