Monday, July 20, 2009

Biking to work..

It's true that when I originally starting biking to work, I believed it was out of necessity. Living 2 miles away from work had its perks, however, since I worked at the hospital, the employee parking was 2 miles in the opposite direction as where I lived. Driving to the parking lot (which was an overpriced surface lot) and busing it in took about 30minutes.. the same amount of time I could walk it. After 2 (yes two) scooters being stolen.. I decided to buy a bike. A white Trek commuter. Brown leather trim, and just my size.

Let it be known, months 1 and 2 of riding was hell. You don't realize how many hills there are until you're working your ass off to make it up them. But it got easier, and I got more savvy with the road and navigating around cars (only once have I been knocked off my bike.. and into a bush. great.). And now, I love it. Especially on mornings like this one, where I had to be on the road at 6am, no cars in sight, and it was a very cool for being the end of July. Me and my thoughts, planning my day.. and chilling out before work. It feels very urban..

..and then there's a huge road block because someone is getting arrested on the sidewalk.. typical Durham morning. There's nothing like it.


Anonymous said...

this makes me laugh.
out loud.
i'm jealous of your early morning bike rides though ... durham cops and all!

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