Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New home.

This weekend I've finally moved into my new duplex. It's this cute little yellow house, half of which is mine.. at least for the next year. Unpacking and organizing all of my things into about 200 less square feet (maybe not exactly, but that's how it feels) has been quite exhausting. It's slowly coming together. The one thing I am proud of is my open IKEA cabinets. I have TWO small cabinets for my pantry items. That's it.. so I had to be a little creative.

I can't take all the credit for this.. but I am pretty pumped as to how it turned out. Buyer beware, though. This is not their finest piece of furniture (it took a while to figure it out.. even with their ever so helpful pictoral representations of instructions).

I also have DVR and wireless -- and have been catching up on all the shows that everyone's been raving about: Dexter, True Blood, and the last few episodes of Weeds. On Demand is brilliant.

But.. here's what I still have left to tackle. Ex.hausting.

and there's more where that came from.


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