Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Hour

One thing I love to do is entertain.  Love it.  However, my current abode is tiny and doesn't allow for barely another guest with Coop and I.  

That's all about to change when I move down to NOLA.  My place is so much bigger than an apartment I've ever had on my own.. and it has a cute little backyard (although I haven't seen all of it because the landlord was in the midst of renovating it).  

Regardless, I'm having people over and y'all are invited.  I love these amazing cocktail accessories -- I'm definitely adding these to my wishlist.

 [Sur La Table]

[Sur La Table]

New Arcadia from [Vivre]

Bottle Opener [UO ]

[Pottery Barn]

 [Pottery Barn]



Oh I'm loving all of these! They're so fun. Let's have a party :)

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