Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't you wanna..

just head to the beach by yourself (and your handsome pup) and sit and relax with your feet in the sand?  Just chilling out and contemplating where your life is headed?  I feel like it's all happening so fast (and sometimes not fast enough).. it's eerie.  My friends and I are all headed in different directions, which is exactly what we're supposed to be doing.. but it's a little surreal.  I'm so proud of all of us for really doing the things in life that will get us to where we need to be in life.  RSJ is her own HR powerhouse in Asheville (which, ahem, is a temporary location missus!) and S$ is doing big things in NYC with social work at Columbia.  When did we get so.. adult?!  

But lately I've been having a strong pull towards heading down to the beach house after my last day of work (and after I've fully moved out of my apartment) and just.. being.  Does that make sense?  I swear I'm usually not this deep in my head (mainly because it's scary to me.. all those.. thoughts! ah! haha), but it'll be good to be a little introspective.

And with these images, I'm having even more of an urge to go as soon as I can.

[Miles of Style]

 [Ringo, have a banana!]

[The Alternative Wife]

Any of y'all heading to the beach this summer?


shari @ little blue deer said...

Great beachy pics, Sarah! If I had more time and money, I would come down your way and support New Orleans and the Gulf. That would be my beach vacation, for sure!

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