Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chicken Tacos!

There's something about tacos that are always delicious -- chicken, steak, or eggs.. always good. And simple. At Trader Joe's yesterday I racked up with a ton of groceries, including a pack of pre-chipotle marinated chicken and corn. In ATL, I had the delicious chicken tacos with roasted corn and lime mayo. In the attempt at recreating this treat (with grilled chicken instead of fried), here's how it went:

Raw Chicken strips -- marinated or not
Sweet corn on the cob (fresh from the farmers market!)
Spoonful of light mayo
Handful of mexican blend cheese (cojito is delicious, but expensive, so this will do)
Salsa (mild for wimps)

In between 2 plates (oven safe), put the tortillas in the oven at the lowest temp (usually 200 degrees F). This'll keep them soft and warm.

If the corn husks are still attached to the corn, begin grilling it with a grill pan (or the George Foreman works just as good). Mine were already removed, so I wrapped it in foil. Grill it until the kernels are bright yellow and the husks are brown.

On medium heat, begin grilling the chicken. I added some mexican spices to keep it tasty. Once the chicken is done, remove it from heat.

When the corn is fully cooked, take a knife and cut off the kernels. Add the dollop of mayo (if you have a lime, add some juice to it), and the cheese. Mix well.

Combine the chicken strips, corn mixture, and salsa to the tortillas, and voila! Off the chain.


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