Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm sick.

It's been about a week of this incessant coughing.. and it's not letting up. I guess I've been over coughing all day long. Since last Thursday.

What else I'm over? It's been about a year in the "real world", and here's what do I know.

-I don't like a lot of types people. Very few do I really enjoy their company enough to want to hang out with. Picky, I guess.. at least with my friends.. err. But be clear, I'm a super nice person. Great sport. And always down for a good time. And my friends are top tier in every way.

-I hate innately lazy people. I don't get it.

-People are usually inconsiderate of others.. I used to think it was the opposite. I know I got sick because a coworker walks around all day coughing into midair. No attempt at covering their mouth. Even the gallon of hand sanitizer I have used this month can save me now. Swine flu, people. I probably have it now.

-Everyone does not have common sense.. even if they are in medical school. It kills me. Before I work with you, if you don't have it.. find it. And yes, there are dumb questions. I won't answer them.

-A lot of people are haters. I've met young ones, old ones. They're all the same. And they get on my nerves. Grab some confidence from somewhere and stop checking for me.

What I do love since I've began working:
-Living on my own. People say it's lonely.. it's not. Get a dog if it is (hence Cooper.. which was more of a guard dog since I live in Durham Hood). I don't share anything with anyone. Watch what I want to watch.. well you get the idea. Wouldn't trade it. Living alone until I get married (or if I ever live in a city where living alone requires a trust fund, a la S$).

-Free nights and weekends. Mostly.

-Seeing my friends as adults, and having adult friends.

-Being able to say that I'm not in college, with a scoff.

-Independence for the most part in my work day.. scheduling it how I want. Eating lunch when I want. Blogging on my lunch break.

-All around, being a pseudo-adult. I'm saving my full-fledged status when I'm in med school living in a city where I probably know no one.

-And this handsome guy (sorry for the gratuitous pic of my dog.. can't help it!):


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