Friday, August 28, 2009

Real talk.

I'm not a particularly high fashion kind of girl, although I do have an appreciation for such things and rock my own style. With that said, some things are just not flattering, and quite simply are hideous. Light wash denim capris? Was this ever a good look..? I'm sure we all owned a pair (guilty) in the 4th grade from 5-7-9, however, this was her career wear.

And one thing I've noticed lately with the women nurses is the need to match everything. I love bold statements in clothing, but a bright pink scrub pant with a hot blue tshirt with matching pink polka dots inside the DUKE letters (not shown)..with matching pink laces on her tennis shoes and headphones.. With a pink ipod case no less. A bit extreme and juvenile.

One of my biggest pet peeves is someone who does not dress for their body type or age in a flattering way. Not everyone can pull of skinny jeans, and that's ok. The trends that were big in middle school probably aren't appropriate in the real world. Am I right?

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