Monday, September 21, 2009

Deep Breath.

Tomorrow I have my first interview of the year to medical school. Case Western -- which is one of my dream schools. I can't even believe I have been given this opportunity, and am so excited to show them exactly why I want to be a physician.. etc etc.

Then, today, I received an invitation to Tulane. That interview is exactly one month and a day from my Case interview. Great program as well -- and living in New Orleans wouldn't be so bad either.

In preparation for my interview tomorrow, I need a little playlist to chill me out, then pump me up.

Here's what I've got so far:
chill out mix
Don't Panic -- Coldplay
Grow Up and Blow Away -- Metric
Blue Ridge Mountains -- Fleet Foxes
In Our Talons -- Bowerbirds
Shoot Me Down -- Lil' Wayne
Successful -- Drake
For Emma -- Bon Iver
Walking -- The Dodos

get hype
The Cool -- Lupe Fiasco
A Millie -- Lil' Wayne
Everyday I'm Hustlin' -- Rick Ross
Creator -- Santogold
So Ambitious -- Jay Z ft. Pharell

..and the list is still in the works. Suggestions? Wish me luck!!


Akili said...

Good luck, Sarah! I know you'll knock 'em dead! xoxo

Sesh said...

ahahhahaah sorry i'm laughing but you're personal theme music is everyday i'm hustlin hahahahahaha can see you pimpin through the library....

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