Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In a whirlwind, lately.

I feel as if I've been running nonstop lately -- and now, I crashed. Finally catching up on sleep has never felt so good.

Here's an update on what I've been getting into:

Went to ATL to visit my Dad and Becky -- overall just relaxing and fun. Went to El Taco (best tacos in Atlanta, for sure), too many margaritas, etc etc. Took a cooking class, and learned to make ravioli, tried lobster (finally haha), and got some new culinary skills to boot.

Love Dad's smirk at Becky's overuse of the camera (other pictures of us stirring onions not shown).
Dad and Becky rolling out pasta dough -- they turned out to be pretty dope.
Went to NYC to visit my bestie S$ -- had a blast. It rained a little, so I really got the whole NYC experience. Great shopping, practiced my haggling skills on Canal Street, and met S$'s grad school friends (kinda weird to say "grad school" haha -- so grown!) who were really fun. Top weekend, and miss her already. Can't wait to do it again.
As of today, some recent drama with Cooper. Makes me cry to think about it, but he'll be fine. I won't see him for 10 days, and miss him tons. At least it will give me time to reorganize my entire apartment. All this traveling has really left it in shambles.

This weekend I'm finally able to relax at home -- I'm hoping to make it to the farmer's market and catch up on all the errands I've neglected. Whatchya'll got going on lately?!


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