Saturday, November 14, 2009

Appropriate "Winter" Gear

Now since I'm moving to much warmer temperatures soon, it's got me thinking a little about what is still appropriate to wear for everyday in the winter season. Being from the Carolinas, there are some days when we'll have a fluke beautiful 65 degree day smack dab in the middle of the coldest month of the year. If you didn't prepare for it, you're sweating by lunch if you have any outside walking to do. Layering is perfect for these kind of days.

Then there are the people that forget that its still January and take this opportunity to sport their summerwear, with no regard to the season. Flip flops and shorts have no place in the winter season, I don't care who you are. (Unless you're vacationing in the tropics, there's no excuse.)

So what are we supposed to do in the Deep South? I do absolutely love the fall b/c it's the time when it's cool enough to wear tights, but not so cold that you have to wear your long johns under your jeans (50 is too chilly for me, keep in mind).

I'm going to take the following inspiration with me down to NoLa. It's cool in the winter, but not cold. Tights, layers -- all season long. And even if there are really hot days, closed toes shoes are a necessity (at least for the price of a pedicure alone. Getting them year around? Please. I can barely feed myself.)

Any other ideas for these warm winter days?
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Akili said...

As a "deep Southerner" I think you've got the right idea(s). Winter down here is really about layers. Finding pieces that basically transition all year long. I've been wearing a lot of my spring/summer dresses/tops with tights and cardagins. And I'm pretty much obsessed with ankle-booties for my "winter" shoes. I mean its damn near Thanksgiving and its 70 degrees today in Tuscaloosa. Its GORGEOUS outside. BTW, I think outfit (1) is sooo chic!

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