Monday, November 16, 2009

Southern Girls.

Now, let me preface by saying that while I'm only 23 years old, and that is very young still -- I do feel as if I have grown up a lot and into the adult I will be for the rest of my life. There's nothing that bugs me more than a girl who has graduated college (even worse if she's older than me) and still is a child.

I began thinking about this first when I read the list of 20 Things Every Woman Should Do Before She Gets Married (I'm sure ya'll have stumbled across this at some point, and if not, enjoy.)

I think it's a great list, and I know I have a few more to go (turn 25, get my finances in order, in particular).. but lately, I've noticed that some of my hometown friends could barely get through one item with a checkmark.

My hometown bff (doubt she reads this blog, but if she does, I guess tough love is what is about to happen), KB just had a her 23rd birthday. She's a teacher, and a server, and an absolute fireball. I love her to death, and we have been through a lot together, especially in the high school years.

But. She has a roommate. Who is younger than my brother (He's turns 21 in April. She turns 21 in July). KB has 2 jobs, and lives in Columbia. Rent is cheap. That girl asked to use my ID to get into the bar. Really, KB? This girl is a naive child (a story for another day), and should be living in the dorms.. or at home with her parents. I cannot understand having roommates after college, unless it's a sig other, or you're living in a part of the world where you'd have to live in a closet-sized apartment if you were solo (a la S$). Maybe I'm a little more independent than some girls, or am more comfortable being on my own than some.

Want more examples of what irks me about these kind of girls? My pleasure.

My other friend AQ would have rather lived with someone she barely likes than live alone. I can't help but think that's pathetic in a way, because she is older than me and can't be OK with being alone sometimes.

Then there was this girl at the bar this weekend gave her card to the bartender, then turns to us with such enthusiasm to say "This the first time I've opened a bar tab by myself." Her age? 24. That is unbelievable to me. And I guess I'd understand if she wasn't a drinker, and this was maybe her 21st bday. But it's not. She's a lush. She described it as being a "Southern Girl".

I guess she's right. B/c a Southern Woman, wouldn't have gone that long letting guys do everything for her. I get the whole "southern gentility" thing, and do enjoy our culture down here for the most part. But since when did being a woman in the south mean we can't do anything on our own? I think especially in the last year, I have grown a lot and am really coming into my own. I'm also watching as a lot of my core college friends are off on their own and doing the same. Strong, independent, southern women. And I'm proud they're my girls.


Sesh said...

very good post. I swear, these stupid ass girls kill me. I hate people who don't understand that they were born with two feet that were meant to be stood upon by ones self.

sick sad world. I have a similar post pending... i think about all of my real friends and how freakin awesome they are at life. I think of my fringe friends and how some have a very pathetic situation.... we are lucky to be the good kind of southern girl. 5 star chicks, or the kind lil boosie was talking about hahahaha

Akili said...

Sarah! Love, love, love this post. [The broad who has never opened a tab should KILL HERSELF] I don't understand postgrad's who have roommates. I'd live in a shithole before I shared a space with someone other than a sib again.

There are several chicks I'm in law school with who live with RANDOMS [not even friends] who are still in undergrad. Honey, you are in PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL. Your roommate wants to make PJ in the tub. NOT A GOOD LOOK. I think its scary for people to grow up, but honestly, its time to MAN UP or as your post suggests, WOMAN UP!

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