Saturday, November 28, 2009

..what are you thankful for?

LS in NoLa
my best girls S$ and RSJ
Hometown best KB

The inevitable question always asked every Thanksgiving.. and while it sometimes seems contrived, I do like the tradition. Here's what I got:

-Wonderful family and friends. I don't know where I'd be without them.

-My blackberry, so I can keep up with everyone even though we're all over the country.

-Getting into med school early in the game -- now I can breathe, and spend my work days dreaming of my new life in NoLa

-my job -- even though I hate it, I got to make money somehow. and my work friends make it so much better, especially when Ping and Peng are obnoxious to deal with.

-a car that works -- it needs to stay with me all the way to NoLa b/c biking in that summer heat is going to be a killer otherwise

-Cooper, my handsome dog. He really has lifted my spirits and is the best dog I could ask for -- even when he's a handful.

-Diet Mountain Dew. for obvious caffeinated reasons.

-My apartment -- even though it's messy at times, it's cozy, and home to me.

-My friends and my ability to travel. Without it, we'd never get to see each other!


Lisa said...

Just so you know... GREAT post. Awesome things to be thankful for :-) Give Cooper a smooch for me!

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