Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ladybird Black List.

I recently read Alexa Chung on BlackBook and they've been doing this series of celebrity Black Lists where they purge all their gripes of their world.. and I thought it was a pretty interesting idea.  I especially agree with her gripes 7. A lot of the music that dominates the charts and 8. Bad manners.  Now I do have guilty pleasures on the Top 40 (Rihanna, Gaga, etc.. and never Black Eye Peas.  There's something I simply cannot stand about them.)  And bad manners?  Hate it.  Rude people get on my last nerves.

So a la one of my favorite models/fashion inspirations AC, here's my Black List, in no apparent order.

1.  People who are seriously out of shape, overweight, obese, etc.  Currently, I know I'm not the epitome of fitness perfection, but I also am too broke to buy new jeans.  If they start fitting too snug, I cut down on the sweets, and pump up my cardio.  When I see people who do not care about themselves (usually in sweats or enormous scrubs, in public) it really bothers me.  Instead of taking the bus for to the next stop, try walking it.  And if you can't go out because nothing fits, then maybe instead of whining about it over beers, take the initiative to go to the gym and do something about.  

2.  Tiny, yappy dogs.  and their owners.

3.  Parents who can't/won't act like parents to their little sticky-handed brats. Take the leash off your kid, and spank them.  When I'm shopping, I'm in the zone, and your kid running around and screaming is throwing off my power hour.

4.  The constant clutter in my house.  Every time I clean.. somehow it goes back to be completely a mess again. 

5.  The way I feel when I drink coffee.  But sometimes, it's a necessary evil to get through the day.

6.  Dumb girls.  add to that trashy. sloppy. slutty.

7.  The fact that I gesture more with my middle finger than anything else.  Oh well.

8.  Cars that can't share the road.  As a pseudo-cycling commuter, it drives me bananas when cars run me off the road -- or better yet, swipe me.  (only happened once -- so far. knock on wood.)

9.  This erratic weather.  Cold in the AM.  Hot in the afternoon.  Should I wear tights today?  Heavy coat?  Or risk it in the morning to not sweat in the afternoon.  Over. it.

10.  Haters who can't get on board with this technology.  Twitter, facebook, blogging, blackberry, gmail, gchat, texting, google reader, etc etc are not for everyone.  Fine.  But don't hate on us who are with it.  And if you don't have a smart phone.. we're probably not friends.  Also.  Don't call me. ever*.  And especially no voicemails if you ever want me to respond.  Relatives are exempt, for obvious reasons.  

that's the first 10 that came to my head.  what's on your black list?

*obv, SOS calls are always welcome, but you get the idea.


Rhiannon Nicole said...

my black list? girlfriends who pretend they're looking out for you but really butt their nose in on things they shouldn't. And blog haters! i.e. people who don't blog and cant figure out why we do. Otherwise your list is SPOT On :) xo

Akili said...

I want to get #6 on a t-shirt!

kakesler said...

I have to agree with every one except #5. Hmmm...I'd make my own black list but I'm pretty sure it would be quite similar.

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