Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So after I graduated from college, I decided that I'd be a big girl and live on my own.  I absolutely love it.  Love the freedom, love that I can walk around in my underwear all day if I want to, love that I can watch what I want to watch when I want to watch, and love that I don't have to compromise my own decor for someone else.

But.  Living with a roommate was a lot of fun.  S$ and I lived together for a year senior year, and even though the room was about half the size of my current bedroom, it was the best time I've had with roommates.  It just worked.  

However.  I've also heard horror stories about roommates as well.  They range from those that eat pizza every hour of the day and never clean the kitchen to having sex above you in the bunk bed while you're trying to sleep.  Granted, I will never bunk again (ever), the former example could happen to me.. or rather, could be me.  I keep a fairly clean house when I want to, but sometimes the dishes pile up in the sink.  I'll get to them when I'll get to them.  Chill.  Living solo means I don't have to worry about that shit.

Today I was going through old pictures of college when everyone had roommates and we were having the time of our life (surely a post of back in the day posts are in the works, but today I'm focused on the question at hand).

So to have a roommate or not?  Besides the benefit of paying less for an apt (which doesn't matter that much in New Orleans.. because the difference is minimal unless you want to live in a downtown loft.. which I don't), is there a significant benefit of it?  

I'm really freakin picky, so if I decide to have a roommate, I have a few questions for her.

1.  Do you like dogs?  (Yes.) Also, you can't have a dog (or a cat, unless you want it to be eaten) b/c Cooper won't get along with them. 

2.  Are you a clean freak?  (Being clean is one thing, but having a roommate for 3 years who always complained to me about not having everything just right is exhausting).

3.  Do you like to watch MTV and Bravo reruns on the weekends when you're hungover?  (yes.)
4.  Do you drink?  (Not that it matters, but it's kind of a buzz kill if you're always the sober sally and got those judge-y eyes about it.)

5.  Speaking of judging.. are you a conservative that loves to talk about politics..?  Now I have a handful of conservative friends, and one of my bests is.. however, we don't talk politics.

6.  Do you own a smart phone, and pref a blackberry?  Let's be real here.

7.  Do you like your own furniture?  The answer is no, b/c I'm attached to all my shit and it stays.

8.  Are you lazy, slutty, or sloppy?  I mean roommates don't have to be best friends, but we prob will be some kind of friends, and those kind of girls are not anyone I want to associate with.

9.  Do you cook smelly foods?  Not a fan.

10.  Are you super attached to your boyfriend if you have one?  Awesome.  Pay rent here and live at his place.  Not the other way around.

..well this list was a little therapeutic.  I think it boils down that I'm kinda stuck in my ways when it comes my living space because I've been doing it for 2 years.  I mean, unless you're S$ or RSJ, I'll probs just be just as well living on my own.  I'll be damned if I get a shithead roommate who I have to kick out (once I move in, I'm staying hopefully for 4 years) after the first year.  

and I'm sure all my classmates are wonderful people.. but just not compatible with living with me.  and that's ok.


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