Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nerd Humor: Name that Eye Disease.

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It was one of the head doctor's birthdays over the weekend.. and SSC came up with this cute idea to help celebrate during the week's lab meeting... decorate doughnuts (creatively, of course) different macular eye diseases he sees in the clinic.  And since he practically has an IV attached to him of Diet Coke, we'd all pitch in a get close to a kilo of the stuff (I may be exaggerating, but nonetheless).

He had a good laugh (and the cool kids had a lot of fun with it).. and I bet it was the first time anyone has ever given him a detached macula made out of fruitrollup and sprinkles before..

Hints to the diseases (and I know I'm leaving some out) -- drusen, geographic atrophy, diabetic retinopathy, uveitis (although that was my "normal" eye haha), detached retina.. and of course the control eyes.

We're dorks.  And we don't care.

..and one of the MDs snuck in a minibottle (wish we woulda thought of that).  And it was a good joke, until the conservative future-MD asked what it was for.. um what? FAIL.  (clearly we won't be friends.)


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