Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poor and Hungry: Turkey Burgers

I need money.  Lots of it.  I'm broke, and cannot survive off of Chef Boyardee and Tostino's pizzas alone (each are 10/$10 at Kroger, BTW).  So I decided to splurge a little, and make some turkey burgers!  You can get some organic/grass-fed hippie ground turkey for real cheap -- thus my inspiration.

So onto the food!  They're super simple, and really delicious.

-1 yellow onion, chopped (or a handful of frozen chopped onion)
-Ground turkey (like a pound or so)
-Breadcrumbs (or if you have fresh bread and milk, soak the bread in that and use it)
-1 egg for binding
-Worchester (sp?) sauce
-A dash of cayenne pepper for a kick

-Carmelize the onion by putting a pad of butter in the pan, melting it, then cooking the onion bits on medium heat until they start to become translucent.  (I'm not very patient sometimes.. so mine weren't quite carmelized all the way, but delicious nonetheless).
-Mix all other ingredients together, and forms some patties.  Cook on medium on each side until they look done (about 8 min or so total depending on the size of your patties).

-Then I took some good sharp cheddar and the "day after" bread from the Whole Foods bakery (so much cheaper that way), made an open face burger with the onions and cheese.. then popped them in the toaster to melt the cheese. 
Freakin delicious.  And way better than any hotpocket.


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