Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Triangle Beach Music Festival: The Ultimate SFP

TBMF has been somewhat of a tradition for my girls and I -- and sadly, S$ will not be coming with RSJ and I this year (boo).  Every year by the end of the day, I'm so exhausted, drunk, sweaty that I swear I will never go again.. then I come back the next year.  Never fails.  Sorry. For. Partying.

The first year, I went with one of my girls CA, who is the quintessential wild child and always a lot of fun. TBMF 07:

Then, 2008 happened.  Much more shenanigans.
 One thing you've gotta remember when day drinking -- you. must. eat. Or you'll die.  I'm sure these were stolen coerced from someone.  Also, why every overweight guy decides to prance around without a shirt is beyond me.  But we're all drinking and having a good time, so I let it slide.. maybe.

But brace yourself for the Port-O-Johns...  Die.
And then before you know it, you're exhausted, drunk, and passed out in a bag of potato chips.  Where are your friends?  Taking photos of you.

TBMF 09, you ask?  Awesome.

Well we've learned some lessons from the year before.  Pace yourself, drink water, and find shade.  Check?  Check.  (Sorry, S$ to play you like this.. but this photo is awesome hahahahah)

 This year should be equally as fun/ridic/something -- and I've got a prep bag prepared precisely for it including all the essentials:  beer, coozie(s), water, food, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  I can't wait to go with RSJ and L$ and have another SFP Saturday.


Sesh said...

HOW do you get that funny ass pink font on stuff? Cool Iris?

obviously this post makes me die. I remember each one of those ruined dresses (and I believe I was there for each time we tried to save them?)

TBMF is going to fucking SUCK without me there hahahaha, nah I'm joking, you're going to have the best time ever.

I can't wait to see you! you and RSJ and the girls have fun for me too!

Lisa Jeffries said...

My god how am I just now seeing this post for the first time???

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