Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lemme brag for a second.

My dog Cooper is so freaking handsome.  Seriously, ya'll.  I can barely stand it.  He's such a snugglebug (yeah, I can be a corndick sometimes, but LOOK at him!), and has the cutest mannerisms.  

I hated those dog owners that would gush on and on about their dog.. then I got one.. and then I became that girl that was all like "omg. have you SEEN my dog?!  Look at this one.  And here he is sleeping. And here he is laying on the floor."

I'm absolutely aware of this obnoxiousness, but bear with me.  I've had him for less than a year.  I'ma get it out of my system for now, and won't do all that "look at THIS" shit until I start having kids (way. way. down the line. I'm ok with dealing with other people's sticky-handed whiny brats in the hospital for a few years before I can handle my own) because believe me -- I will be THAT mom.  Let's face it, my kid(s) will be freaking adorable and all ya'll will want to hold them/look at it (and also babysit it on a whim, right?).

And hello, tangent.  Now I'm back on track.  My dog is amazing.  Shitty with other dogs (for now, unless there's a bigger alpha male in the group to put him in his place), but getting so much better with people (strangers and those he's met before).

Did I mention he was handsome?  Let's take a gander.
He's also really weird.  Which I love.  Kindred spirits and all.  He has this habit of howling at sirens that go by (somewhat common over here in Bull City), but the way he looks at you when he does it it's as if it were something he can't control -- like sorry eyes, then he tilts his head back and goes for it.  A-dorable.

And he sit like this for hours:

He's got a tough life.
Gahh, I love him.  And now that's outta my system.. at least for the next few months.


shari @ little blue deer said...

OH, he's really cute! That second to the bottom pic, priceless! We have 3 cats and I'm much more of a cat person, but I understand petlove fully!

Sesh said...

thats my GOD SON!!!!

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