Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DWW 4.28.10

Well kids, it's Wednesday!  I've surprisingly been fairly productive at work (if you don't count yesterday) and we're gearing up for the conference next week.  I leave on Saturday (6am - die.) and stay until Tuesday -- presenting some neat shit on a gene that is super important for mice eyes (and we already shown was critical in humans).  High fives for making a mouse model for disease, heyohh.  Ok, enough of the nerd stuff.. onto the daily wear!

Sorry the lighting sucks -- def was in a rush this morning.
Dress: JCrew
Belt: Vintage
Cardigan:  Kristen Davis -- Belks

..and I'm wearing a slip y'all! #helloadultlife
Dress:  Vintage
Belt:  gift from Moms
Necklace:  Target
Watch:  Vintage
Shoes:  gift from Moms

Rainy day wear.
Shirt:  TJMaxx
Cardigan:  NY&Co
Jeans:  Sevens

Going out gear -- KO Kid live in concert
Dress:  Nordstroms, maybe?
Cardigan:  KDavis
..and I wish I knew where I got that necklace from so I could tell S$.. maybe Target, or TJMaxx?


Sesh said...

love the dress that you wore the slip under.


Molly Jean said...

love that green dress!!!

Jodes said...

J Crew is honestly KILLING IT lately. So well done and that divine creation of a dress is no exception. Except now I feel bad that I wear my slips OUTSIDE of my clothes.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, but such a CUTE nerd! Just joking, ha ha how nerdy is it that you might discover something that might save someone's VISION someday! Very cool. Love that green dress! XO!

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