Friday, April 16, 2010

KO Kid in Chapel Hill!

Last night, KO Kid killed it at Cat's Cradle!  The crowd was bumpin and he had such stage swag -- you could just tell he was loving it.  For all y'all that DON'T know KO yet, he's a fresh young talent out of Chapel Hill, S$'s younger brother and I'm reppin him too (b/c duh, regardless of blood, y'all are my family).

Y'all don't even know -- I love this kid and am so proud of him!  I'm rooting for him all the way -- esp since not only does he have mad game in his lyrics and flow, but he's also a pre-med science nerd at heart and I know he'll go far with music and medicine.  Gah, so proud!!

Y'all check out some of his show:

KO Kid! from Sarah M on Vimeo.

And by far, one of my favorite things about the show was how excited Frank and Cynthia were with Kob!  Can I please BE them?!  Love the eff out of them and all the H fam.  I wish S$ was there to see it, but I think from the hundred or so (haha) bbm pics I sent her, these vids, and listening with Frank and Cynthia on the phone.. it's like she was there with us.  Such a proud sister!!
KO Kid is def a name to know because this kid is going places.  Can't wait to see him at the next show!


Sesh said...

I AM just so overwhelmed by this! I am so so happy to see my darling brother and all his talent! and my parents!!

you're my sister from another mister and thanks for being there when I couldn't be!..

PS: this time next month: I'll be in NC!!!


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