Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SFP: Ruined Dresses.

With being in a sorority comes many (many) opportunities for wearing a cocktail or sundress.  That being said, I'm also known to be quite a mess when it comes to eating and drinking (in general).. so one would think the dry cleaners and I would be best friends.. however.. I'm also lazy when it comes to errands and chores that I really just don't want to do.

I have learned my lesson with this.. and some others along the way.  I don't have any "after" pics.. but believe me, they're ruined.

Love this dress.  But don't load the dishwasher wearing anything you like.  Or rather.. be careful with the liquid detergent.  If it gets on your hands.. the last place you should wipe it is your beloved dress.  Where were the warnings that it would bleach your garments on the bottle?!  Bollocks.

You could see this coming.  21st birthday.  Sorry for partying.  I didn't take it to the dry cleaners until 6 months later.. and they did everything but laugh in my face when I asked them to take out the multiple cocktail stains.  Oh boy.

 Some semi-formal/formal.  Adored this dress.  Same fate as my 21st bday dress.  I should've stuck to clear liquids.  Some people never learn..

 Triangle Beach Music Festival happened.  I think that sums it up.  Now.. this one is salvagable because it's just a matter of reattaching the straps.. however.. I will revisit my laziness when it comes to the mundane.

 TBMF again. 1 year later.  The only mishap is that I washed it on warm water.  The red and blue bled all over the freaking dress.  Die.

I'm terrible at laundry, that's no news to me.  But I will also be the poorest I've ever been once school starts in August.. so I better learn these little tasks better or else I'll be stuck with a handful of clothes.. and no friends haha.


Jen said...

Girl, has anyone ever told you how adorable you look?? Ok, another question...do you ever look bad in a dress? Strapless dresses are my fav and I can never get enough of 'em! Great pics girl, great pics.

bananas. said...

you sound like me. oh boy!

i have ruined a crapload of dressed but not nearly as cute as the dresses you wore. damn girl, you're saucy!

Kristin said...

I've SO been there! Ruined my frocks than I care to admit!

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