Saturday, January 23, 2010

Being a Foodie Blogger.. 101.

I have to admit -- my food images are something I really want to work on. All the foodie blogs that I read have these incredible pictures of food that I envy.. so I found a couple that took a food blogger camp. Here's some tips they wanted to share:

When photographing a dish, focus on some of the individual ingredients, highlight them and try to show them looking their best.

Using the patina off of old wood, dough board or cutting boards adds great texture to a food shot.

Don’t be afraid to use old pieces with new pieces of dishes. Mixing vintage and new pieces in a photo adds interest.

Build your plate in small portions and small scale. Use smaller plates (about 8 inch diameter or smaller) or smaller glasses.

When garnishing with herbs, turn the leaf upside down. The veins underneath have beautiful texture.

[white on rice couple]


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