Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Experimenting with Balsamic

I don't know what it is about it, but I am obsessed with it. After reading a few of my essential foodie blogs and having them mention this staple of mine.. I started getting a craving for it.

So here's my Balsamic Vin Experiment:

Purpose -- I needed to eat some healthy protein AND have green on my plate.. all while having some balsamic throughout. Love love the stuff.

1lb frozen chicken cutlets (found in the freezer -- months old, but still good!)
1 fresh medium yellow onion
Minced garlic (canned)
Salad -- the iceberg, romaine mixes tend to last longer in the fridge than the spring mix..
Balsamic Vinegar
Balsamic Vinaigrette

Balsamic Onions
Chop up the onions into large chunks and put them in a ziploc bag.
Add a good heaping portion of balsamic vinegar -- enough to cover
A few scoops of minced garlic
Marinate it in the fridge for about 45 minutes.
About 20 minutes before you want to cook them.. take them out of the fridge and preheat the oven to 450F.
Pour everything that is in the bag into a non-stick pan.
Bake them for about 20-25 minutes until they're tender with a fork (if they start browning quick, just put some foil on it).

Balsamic Chicken
Defrost the chicken for a bit (not all the way since you're going to marinate them).
Put them in a ziploc bag.
Add some balsamic vinegar, a few scoops of garlic, oregano, salt/pepper..
Marinate for about 20-30 minutes. Since some of it will still be kinda frozen, you can just leave it out on the counter and it will finish thawing while it marinates.
I used my cast iron grill pan and pulled out the chicken pieces from the marinade and grilled them at medium heat for about 10 minutes or so until they were done. (If you pour the marinade on the grill pan, it makes for a really hard clean up on the cast iron.. esp since you can't/shouldn't use soap.)

Easy. A handful or two of salad plus the dressing.

This may seem like a little balsamic overload to some of ya'll.. but I was craving it. on everything.

and this was really delicious and super simple. It was perfect marinating time too, so I could set it up and then go walk Cooper!


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