Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RSJ -- My Heart and My Rock

A few weekends back I went to Greensboro to celebrate RSJ's 24th Birthday. It was absolutely a ridic amazing time, and the only thing that would make it better would be S$ coming down to make the reunion complete. RSJ is one of my very best friends, who is absolutely essential to my life. She is my rock, and the pragmatic one in the Trifecta (S$, RSJ, and me).. and let's be clear.. although RSJ keeps us all level-headed and chill, she is still as bananas as the rest of us. Top night, ladies.
RSJ and LKW. These girls look like trouble.
Bananas. Blackout or Backout.

The Birthday girl getting decorated -- mandatory shots were included (not shown).
LOVE love her.

To sum up the night. We met in Gboro, went out in Winston Salem. Someone (not us, be clear) sober drove us to a friends house where the majority of Surry County's finest went to the afterparty. Flipcup, beers, food thievery (my bad). Woke up. The mandatory Bojangle's trip with LKW (our original ride left us) then to Pilot Mountain for a bit until we traveled back to our cars in Greensboro. Sounds like a whirlwind. and it was. And the best piece of advice LKW's mom gave us upon seeing our hangovers was "Good. Luck." hahaha -- perfect post-grad weekend.

I miss RSJ everyday and wish she wasn't so far away in the mountains and the cold. Stay warm boo! (Also, please move to ATL. Kthanks.)


Sesh said...

those pictures are great, I wish I was there!

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