Wednesday, January 13, 2010

These kind of girls.

Now. I don't like a whole lot of types of girls. The girls that become "my girls" are a special breed of woman and once you make it to that point, I'm ride or die for you.

Things I don't like?
-trashy girls
-drama girls
-girls who always need to have a guys attention. always.
-girls who get engaged at a young ass age (can you wait til graduation?)
-people who can't live alone. or be alone.
-needy girls
-girls who cling to their sig other

..well you get the picture. that being said. I need to keep an open mind. Case in point.. there's this girl who goes to school where I work, she's young. and of course, engaged. from what I can see she seems to be a really fun girl, but may be attached at the hip to her fiancee. And, well, we're going to be classmates.

I know I need to start keeping an open mind about people, b/c you never know who you'll be friends with.. and I get that. But there are some things that inately bother me, such as the aforementioned list. And I also know, I will be practically eating, breathing, sleeping around these people for 4 years, so we better figure out a way to be friends. I can get along with everyone -- but only a handful make it to "my girls" status.

And I think I'm ok with that.

But at the same time, I need to learn not to write people off immediately just because one thing about them really bothers me.

..and then I think.. should I really compromise..?

It's a tough call.


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