Thursday, January 14, 2010

Poor and Hungry Experiment with Chorizo

So this isn't a surprise to a lot of ya'll, but I am a meat-eater. Most of what I eat is beige. I'm trying to do better, but this week is not one of them. I'm poor and want something to fill my belly without being incredibly unhealthy.

What I came up with was straight out of freezer leftovers. I absolutely adore my little slowcooker, and Monday morning I was hit with some inspiration while trying to hunt down some waffles from the freezer. Here's what it was:

-1 lb frozen chorizo -- bulk. from last years CSA (I miss all the fresh meat straight off the farm)
-a few handfuls of frozen sweet roasted corn (Trader Joe's has some banging version)
-a few handfuls of mexican cheese
-a cup and another quick pour of milk
-frozen onions chopped (in the frozen food section -- these are CHEAP and quick)
-salt/pepper as you like it

-warm up the CrockPot (warm food goes in a warm crockpot, cold foods in a cold one.. important!)
-brown the chorizo (defrost first in my case) and add to the pot
-saute the onions and add to the pot
-add the rest of it and cook on low for about 8 hours (or on high if you want it in about 3 or 4 hours)

What's great about it? Besides being meaty? It's a very versatile addition to different foods.

I could eat breakfast burritos for every meal. Eggs are cheap, and I adore salsa. Just add the chorizo dish to the eggs while you're cooking it (if you add it to the tacos separately, it gets messy. trust.), warm the tortillas, add salsa.. and voila!

It's also really to use as a meat sauce. In the morning, I cooked a good amount of (whole wheat) spaghetti, scoop a few spoonfuls of the chorizo on top in your take-to-work container and add a sloshing of pasta sauce (bonus for tomato chunks).. and you've got a quick and delicious lunch at work.

So far, I've had 2 breakfast burrito dinners and 2 meatsauce pasta lunches.. and I barely spent anything. Cheap. Delicious.

Conclusion? This dish is a winner. And I'm having burritos for dinner.. heyohhh.


Lisa said...

I'm not even a meat-eater anymore and this makes me hongry! ;-)

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