Wednesday, January 6, 2010

DWW 1.6.2010

Winter is a really hard time for me -- I don't do well in the cold, and I generally hate wearing pants. Colored tights and I are usually best friends throughout all the seasons, but every once in while when it dips below freezing, I must wear pants (and since I'm terrible at being cold, they're paired with my CuddleDuds).

Since I'm pretty far behind on these posts, the following outfits are from a warmer time of late fall, early winter. But now that January here -- it's all layers, and jeans. Can't wait for the spring!
Dress: Kristen Davis Collection
Tights: Target
Cardigan: JCrew
Hair: Towel-dried.
Apologies for such a invasive shot of Coop.. err.
Dress: JCrew
Shirt: H&M
Belt: Vintage
Tights: H&M
I love this cardigan.. on the verge of obsession.
Cardigan: UO
Jeans: UO
Necklace: Ecuador
Tubetop (yep): Express
Booties: I forget the brand, but DSW
Cardigan: UO
Shirt: Banana Republic
Skirt: Vintage
Necklace: JCrew
Belt: Vintage
Boots: Reaction by Kenneth Cole


Sesh said...

love those outfits. very cute orange skirt, and i die over that tube top, lol.

PS the location of the loafer in the last 3 pictures is totally "Sarah" hahaaah

Cooper looks great!

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