Friday, January 22, 2010

Land of Talk.

I absolutely love this band. JP and I went to see them a few weeks back, and it was probably top 5 shows I've been to. Her voice is haunting, and it's absolutely mesmerizing to listen to them play. The drummer has ridic skills, and she plays lead guitar while belting it out (very uncommon). This is my favorite song of theirs right now. I hope ya'll like them as much as I do.

I'm also a huge fan of poignant lyrics. Beautiful and Heartbreaking.

what started at a summer lake
a sentence and a name
if only for a moment's sake
we called it and it came

held it down-the loving heat-
longer than a time
held it down-the loving heat-
softer than a chime

We've seen how Sick Wind blows
but i've got your bovine eyes
i'll love you like i love you
then i'll die

shot the rats and as they ran
from the quarry to the tracks
chased them as you took my hand
and never gave it back
held it up and felt the wind
blow and miss a chime
found a god and begged it in
to fight your body crime


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