Friday, February 12, 2010


I have been known in the past to have either dated hipsters and sometimes still dress like one.  (don't hate).  And I can't help but think what Coop would look like as a Hipster Puppy.  Here are my favs (thanks AMS).

"muffin arrogantly insists that she doesn’t “own a tv,” but still watches mad men and arrested development on her macbook pro"

"ari stayed up all night drinking beer and playing old 7”s, so he’s gonna have to sit out this month’s critical mass"

 "for tillie, having a mad men premiere party means dressing up, drinking manhattans and being totally fucking insufferable"

 "popeye insists he doesn’t have “a thing for asian girls,” even though his last four girlfriends have been pekingese"

But we all know that Cooper is too hood for hipsters.


Liv said...

I want a Boston Terrier SO badly when I finally get settled somewhere... too cute

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