Wednesday, February 10, 2010

San Antonio!

So last weekend, Moms, the Wifey and I went to San Antone for the weekend.  Wifey's family lives in the city, so we did some visiting of the in-laws and exploring the city.  I forgot to take a ton of pictures, but I did catch this cute little fam on the way to the rodeo.  Only in Texas.  The rodeo was quite interesting -- and I even got some dope cowboy boots!  (Thanks to the Wifey!)

And while I do think I still may do pediatrics, I did get a taste of what dermatology may be like -- lots of work, but a schedule you set yourself, while also living in an incredible home with an even more incredible closet..?? Um, sign me up.  I cannot explain how immaculate her wardrobe was.. I literally die.  LV, Chanel, YSL.. a girl's dream.

But overall it was a really fun trip -- did the Riverwalk, drank lots of margs, and ate some quality Mexican food.  Am looking forward to a repeat trip for sure.


Stately Lady said...

I love the riverwalk there! So pretty. Also, if you make the muffins, let us know how they turn out?

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