Monday, February 22, 2010


Last night, I attended a dinner at my childhood best friend's apartment.  I grew up with her family, her brother is my my brothers age, and the two girls of the family were just at my age also.  Our parents were best friends, and we went on multiple trips together.

Fast forward many years.. we keep in touch, but not like we used to, and I hadn't seen the brother in a long time.

The last time I saw him, he was in college, since dropped out to be a server, sleep in the daytime, and play poker until 4am.. and now only has the option to join the army.  He has also picked up a smoking habit.  Fine.

BUT.  He is clearly smoking to be cool.. which I thought went out of being cool since the teen angst years.  I have friends that smoke (and so happy that RSJ has quit!) but as long as I have known them, have never been "peer pressured" into smoking.

Last night, however, MQ (the brother) wouldn't let it go.  He kept saying to Andy (my brother) and I, "ya'll still don't smoke??".. in the same way that I would ask him "you still haven't graduated college?" or "you still don't own a smart phone?" as plausible questions for real adults.

I get that people have their vices, and I know that I definitely have mine.. however.. putting your cigarette in front of my face to try to get me to smoke it is crossing the line.  (Oh, and joking about trying to get your friend's kids -- who's 4 years old -- to smoke and then really trying it saying "they have to start young" is also really cool.)

People like that incredibly trashy to me, and I have no patience for it.  I also love that my brother has not started smoking... or is anything like MQ.


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