Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day Shopping.

JP and I have decided this year not to exchange gifts and go out to a really nice dinner at one our favorite places in Durham.  BUT, we did agree that if we do happen to stumble over something that we think the other would love.. that'd be ok too.

Since I spend a good chunk of my workday on Etsy.. here's some great things I've found that would be perfect for any worthy man/woman in your life.

Looking for an excuse to snuggle?  Pair this with some great hot cocoa. [la vie en rose bakery]

For the scientist:  DIY Cheese Kits.  [urban cheese crafts]

For the cook:  Vday Heart-shaped Chocolates Flour Sack/Tea Towel set [girls can tell]
OR the anatomically correct sweetheart:

For your hipster boyfriend:  Vday Leather Cuff [hypothesis]

For someone with a sweet tooth:  Homemade Truffles [fancy lady gourmet]

For someone with a green thumb/someone who kills plants easily:  Succulents [monkey always looks]

..and I'm sure there's more to come.. especially since work will be slow for the remainder of the week..  love it.


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