Thursday, February 11, 2010

Poor and Hungry: Mac and Cheese

I'm a little sick (congestion, headache, all the fun ailments).. so I've decided to catch up on all my drafts that I started, and never finished.

There's nothing quite as good as mac and cheese.  It's comforting, warm, and always delicious.  And this isn't just your regular velveeta bs.

Whole Foods and I have a love/hate relationship -- I love eating healthy/organic.. and all that.. however, I'm also quite poor.  But.  I found this box of organic, real cheese (cheddar!) mac and cheese at Whole Foods for real cheap.  (like $2-3 and it makes a ton).

Really comforting.  Add some pepper, maybe some oregano (rosemary if you're really feeling crazy).  

I swear I'll start posting more gourmet-y food posts, however, when I'm sick, the quickest and cheapest is always the way I lean towards. 


kakesler said...

Please do! I'm moving to Raleigh where I FINALLY have a Whole Foods! I will definitely put your cheap/healthy/organic food tips to good use!

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